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Production Studio Bookings

Please use the form below to book studio space in our voice tracking/production studios.

Bookings longer than two hours are reserved for departments (music, news, production and sport).

Please note:

  • Any person using these facilities who hasn't made a booking will be asked to vacate the studio spaces in favour of the person who has. 
  • You are welcome to use the studios without a booking if they are free, but you must give them up in favour of a booked user.
  • Some management work off-site and, therefore, may have booked the studios in order to use the PCs remotely from home - if the studio is vacant, always look first to ensure that there is nobody using the PC remotely
  • Once your booked time slot has ended, you may continue to use the studios if there is no booking after yours, but you must offer to give way to any person who wishes to use the studio, regardless of whether they have a booking or not.
  • Out of courtesy, please cancel any bookings you don't need - even right up to the last minute - so people can clearly see availability.
  • Please consider doing any work which doesn't require specific use of Myriad (sourcing music, selecting tracks for your show etc.) off site or away from the studio.
  • In certain circumstances, the presenter (or their producer) who are on air may need to use one of the production studios at short notice. Please be considerate to their needs.
  • Please do not book a production space for personal, non-station related, use.
  • Departmental bookings (namely news, sport and production) are exempt from the two hour time limit.
  • For operational reasons, the management reserves the right to change or cancel bookings at any time if required.

To make a booking:

  • Ensure you have an account. You should have had a specific invite sent to your Black Country Radio email address for 'Skedda'. If not, contact Dan or Zyllah to have one sent to you. NB: This is a DIFFERENT login to your station email account.
  • Select the date from the top of the calendar and click at the time you want your booking to start. Then hover your mouse at the bottom of the block that appears and extend the booking to match the time you want the booking to end.
  • Press the green 'book' button (shown as a tick on a mobile device) and log in with the details you used to create your account.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive an email to your station email account to confirm the booking.