The Great Christmas Music Debate

Okay, okay. We get it!

Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year. At the rate we're going, shops are going to start putting tinsel up as soon as the last Easter egg is reduced to clear!

We heard a rumour that some of the 'other' stations have started playing Christmas music already (we know, right?!) and it's making half their audience jump for joy...and the other half curl into a ball, dreaming of Summer evenings again.

So. We wanted to give YOU the choice. Whilst you think about it, here's Mariah:

You skipped that, didn't you!

We want to let you decide when we start playing Christmas songs on Black Country Radio. Drop your vote below - you can click as many times as you like to really emphasise your point! - and we'll follow the masses. Like sheep, visiting the ba...okay, sorry, we'll stop now!

You've got until 5pm on Friday 24th November and Matt Dudley will let you know the results, live on air after that.