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Request Change to Programming Schedule

This form should be filled in to submit a request to change the Programming Schedule.

Please note that this is for 'one-off' changes only (such as additional sports coverage, coverage of an important local event etc). If you are considering submitting a request for a permanent schedule change, this should be discussed in person with the Head of Programming.

Please note that, unless the circumstances can be justified as exceptional, submissions made less than four weeks prior to broadcast are likely to be rejected.

Please enter your name
Please enter your email address. This MUST be your Black Country Radio email address.
Please enter the name of the programme you are requesting (or a brief description if the programme does not have a title)
Please enter the most convenient phone number to reach you on
Please enter the time you would like the programme you are requesting to begin. If you don't know or do not have a specific time in mind, please say so
Please enter the time you would like the programme you are requesting to end. If you don't know or do not have a specific time in mind, please say so
If you selected 'Other' above, or wish to provide any further clarification or request relating to the date and/or time of broadcast, please detail any relevant information here
Please explain why you are submitting this request and any other supporting information that may influence its consideration


Sometimes, you may need to submit a request in the knowledge that it may be withdrawn later (for example, an additional sports programme may not be required by the time the show is broadcast, depending on the progress of teams). Please indicate below whether this request is definitive (i.e. it is definitely required) or not definitive (i.e. it may be required, but this cannot be confirmed at present).

Please tick the box below then press the "Submit Request" button to send your Programme Change Request.

You will receive a copy of what you have submitted via email to your Black Country Radio email address.

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