Dan Cook

As film critic for Black Country Radio, I aspire to give both concise and entertaining reviews for the weeks cinematic and DVD/Blu Ray releases.

Whether it be the latest record breaking blockbuster or the little seen indie flick playing in four cinemas across the country, I believe that every single film should be given a chance to prove itself, no matter how good or bad it may ultimately turn out to be.

As well as the radio show, I also manage my own review website which has a dedicated readership stretching many countries across the globe. My views may not be exactly highbrow - I believe that 'Jaws' is the greatest movie ever put to celluloid whereas every single print of 'Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen' should be thrown into the nearest Black Hole. However what I (may) lack in taste, I make up for in a deep seated passion, love and above all, respect for the world of cinema. As the late, great American critic Roger Ebert once so eloquently put it, ''No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough''.

Catch my film review special on Drivetime on Wednesdays from 6pm.