The Archers

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 - 14 minutes

Justin and Lilian are delighted when Jakob reports negative results for strangles tests all round and there are no new cases. It looks like the re-opening event will go ahead if things continue as they are. Justin’s surprised when Lilian says she’s been working with Carlotta on the event plans - Lilian seems more relaxed. Lilian confirms it’s down to Carlotta, but she has also heard from Alice, from her rehab centre – Alice is sorry for everything she’s put Lilian through. Lilian didn’t need an apology – she’d do anything for Jennifer’s children. Embracing her, Justin reckons that Alice, Ruairi, Adam and Debbie are lucky to have Lilian.Joy’s on board when Jazzer tells her about his idea for the village fete – guessing the weight of a piglet. They’re interrupted by Denise who’s a bit taken aback when Jazzer privately mentions to Denise how happy he is for her and Alistair. John comes into the shop, for a stop-off in the middle of a cycle ride before seeing Paul tonight. When John goes, distracted Denise heads after him. She broaches the subject of their relationship as Joy and Jazzer peer at them through the shop window, wondering what’s going on. John gets the message that it’s too late to make their marriage work, but wonders whether there’s someone else. When Denise admits there is, John guesses it’s Alistair. Upset John walks off saying he won’t be visiting Paul tonight after all. When Denise wonders what reason she should give, John retorts that she should make something up – she seems to be good at it.

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