The Archers

Tuesday, 21 May 2024 - 14 minutes

Neil checks in on George because Emma mentioned he seemed a bit down and wasn’t keen on being the vice-captain of the cricket team. George admits Harrison’s made things awkward with Tracy and he was behaving weirdly at the cricket match on Sunday, particularly when he was rude to Pat. Neil tells George he’s really proud of him for his part in the crash rescue and offers to be there for his Borchester Echo interview. But George says it’s fine - he’s cancelled the interview as he wasn’t in the mood. Lily waits with Kirsty for George to help inject one of Rex's boars with anti-inflammatories. Lily mentions that Mick hasn’t got hold of Rochelle yet for Joy’s surprise birthday party. Kirsty’s confused when Lily talks about Rochelle’s local address – Kirsty’s sure she lives up north. With George’s help, Kirsty successfully injects the boar. George offers to help any time but cringes when Kirsty tells him he’s already a hero around Ambridge and now he’s saving Rex and Kirsty. Neil bumps into Harrison at St Stephens. Harrison promises to sort it when Neil explains that George doesn’t want to be vice-captain. Neil adds that he heard that Harrison was disrespectful to Pat on Sunday and checks if he’s alright. Harrison shares his feelings about Fallon’s miscarriage and Alice’s part in it. Neil thinks Alice's behaviour isn’t deliberate; she self-sabotages and with alcoholics a relapse is sadly all too common. Neil’s faith and forgiving Alice has bought him enormous relief. Harrison’s understanding but it’s all a bit much at the moment. Neil says he’s there if Harrison needs him.

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