The Archers

Monday, 24 June 2024 - 14 minutes

Lily is at Grey Gables on the phone to Mrs Mellor who is buying Bartleby. She wants to park her horse box there. Oliver tells Lily that Roy is staying in Bulgaria. Lily says the hotel can’t run without him – at least it won’t be the same. Oliver will have to manage until a replacement can be found. Lily says she finishes her placement next week. Later Oliver is struggling with printing staff rotas. Lily comes to the rescue. He proposes she take a paid position as his assistant until she goes to university. She was looking forward to some time off but agrees to consider it. But first she insists he sign her assessment. Harrison has a quick word with Chris over coffee. Chris is too busy with Martha to go to nets. George turns up with Harrison’s veg box and reminds Chris about hoof trimming for Bartleby on Friday. They chat about Alice’s not guilty plea and George leaves in a hurry. Harrison admits he has been so angry since Friday. He asks Chris if they can have a chat. It’s awkward as Chris apologises about Fallon’s miscarriage. Harrison grows irritable about Alice’s not guilty plea and Chris would rather talk about anything else. George chats to a smartened-up Bartleby as Oliver and agrees to take their picture. They talk about what a wrench it will be when Bartleby leaves on Friday. Oliver says Mrs Mellor has already paid. Distracted by Gem, Bartleby isn’t co-operating for the picture. George hopes they are on better form for Bartleby’s farewell tour of the village tomorrow.

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