The Archers

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 - 14 minutes

Susan and Joy are filling shelves. They discuss Lynda being mysterious about who will be taking over from her to organise the Ambridge Fete. Joy is not keen on becoming her successor. Jazzer arrives to collect some beans and agrees. Joy says being part of the team effort is more her style. Jazzer suggests a cost of living fete with prizes that are actually useful. Later Joy tries to cheer up Susan who is rattled by Alice’s not guilty plea. Every time she thinks things are getting better they get worse. Joy saw them at the playground and they looked like a normal happy family. Later tired Susan yawns and confesses to Joy she’s not sleeping well over the situation with Alice. The only upside is that Martha has her home and Emma’s to fall back on. George and Eddie are getting Bartleby ready for his tour of the village when Meg Mellor calls to say she’s arrived in Ambridge. George asks if she can come early on Friday so he can take her through Bartleby’s likes and dislikes. She promises she will and George hangs up abruptly, growing upset at the thought. Susan, Joy and Jazzer come to say farewell to Bartleby. Eddie waxes lyrical about the pony’s new home but George is irritated at such talk. The Grundy’s finish Bartleby’s tour and Eddie reminds George that he’ll have to appear in court at Felpersham and lawyers will try to run rings around him. Eddie suggests using Bartleby’s money to buy more pigs. Furious, George calls Meg and says the deal’s off – she can’t have Bartleby!

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