School Closures

If the weather's not great, then this page will be updated with school closures as and when we receive them. 

Schools contact radio stations individually so there may be a delay before we can update this page. If you think the information is incorrect then please click your school's name for their contact information and give them a call before you set out.

If you're a Headteacher, or representative of a local school, please note that our phone lines can get quite busy. Instead, you can call our dedicated Snow Line on 01384 465 375 to report your closure - this is an automated service and will forward the information to our production team and on air studio.

Please note: we can only accept closure information from the school itself. If that's you then please keep us up to date so we can keep your students and their families up to date!


Where schools are indicated as OPEN please click on the link for the school for any updates.

Most schools re-opened on WEDNESDAY 13 DECEMBER; any updates are posted below.