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9. Jamie Oliver: Proper givin' it some

The Joe Wicks Podcast

Monday, September 7th, 2020 - 52 minutes

Joe Wicks wants to know: What’s the one thing that makes life better?

Joe loves finding ways to boost his mental and physical health, so he’s asking some of his inspiring mates about their secrets to physical and mental happiness. Whether it’s a high-intensity cycle, a freezing cold shower or a good long dog-walk, every guest will share the one thing that works for them.

Jamie Oliver has been cooking on our TV screens and campaigning for good food for more than two decades. He's written 24 books and sold more than 36 million books worldwide. You knew that stuff, but did you know that Jamie is an avid music composer or that he loves nothing more than kicking back in a hammock in his garden?

Jamie inspired a teenage Joe Wicks to get in the kitchen, so during their conversation they talk eating and growing food and keeping fit. He also hears about Jamie's struggles with dyslexia, sleep and how the 2019 collapse of his restaurant chain almost took him to the edge. As well as making two TV series in lockdown, Jamie explains it also gave him a chance to rediscover a love for composing music and playing the drums.

Summer holiday’s been postponed and you’re feeling down? Forget about it. This is sunshine in a podcast. Joe Wicks is here for you, and he won’t stop until you’re fit and happy.

Producer: Clare Salisbury
Editor: Dimitri Houtart
A BBC Audio Bristol production for Radio 4



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