Planning permission granted for safari park's new tiger habitat

Staff at West Midland Safari Park are excited to announce that planning has been granted for a brand-new tiger habitat with integrated guest accommodation.

The new development will see a state-of-the-art house being installed for the Park’s two Sumatran tigers, surrounded by an enriched habitat, thriving with vegetation and allowing the animals to have 24-hour access to their indoor and outdoor environments.
Authentically integrated into the habitats will be four lodges, providing guests with an up-close and immersive overnight experience with Hujan and Nakal, the Park’s charismatic Sumatran tigers.
The relocation of the Sumatran tigers will be beneficial to day guests as well, as they will become part of the Park’s new and improved pedestrianised areas, allowing guests to see the tigers on foot, for the first time in the Park’s 49-year history. Project Manager, Neil James, said:

"We are absolutely thrilled to have planning permission granted to create a brand-new habitat, with amazing new facilities for our Sumatran tigers. We will incorporate natural vantage points, tiger-sized scratching posts, enrichment areas and pools for the tigers to take the occasional dip in.

"We are committed to building a lasting legacy for our animals and the new facilities will allow our keepers to continue to provide the highest standard of care for these big cats.
“The new Tiger Lodges are truly breathtaking and will allow guests to sleep a whisker away from these amazing creatures. By relocating our Sumatran tigers to a pedestrianised area of the park, our day guests will also get the opportunity to get even closer to this iconic and endangered species.”
The Park already has accommodation incorporated into the elephant, cheetah and red panda habitats and eight lodges offering spectacular views of white rhinos and giraffes, are due to start welcoming guests from 15 April 2022.
Two of the Tiger Lodges will be single-storey and detached. Unique to these will be private verandas with sunken hot tubs, so guests can truly relax in luxury, with magnificent views into the tiger habitat. The remaining two lodges are semi-detached and will span two storeys, offering further incredible views from the first floor.
All four lodges will sleep up to five guests and will feature open plan living spaces, floor to ceiling windows into the tiger habitat and authentic interiors.
Sumatran tigers are classed as ‘critically endangered’ and there are thought to be fewer than 400 in the wild today. They are at threat due to accelerating habitat loss, high levels of human-tiger conflict, as well as poaching for the illegal trade in tiger parts.
The Park’s Sumatran tigers are part of an EEP (EAZA Ex-situ Programme), an international breeding programme by European zoos, supporting the conservation of their wild counterparts by creating a reserve population. The new facilities will enable the Park to continue their important work with the EEP.
Safari Lodges short breaks include breakfast and dinner, spectacular views of the animals, admission to the Park for two days and Theme Park wristbands, during the summer season.
Bookings for the Tiger Lodges will be available in the next month, but guests can book for the other lodges and find further information on the Safari Lodges website.


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