EU Referendum - The Black Country unanimously votes to leave the EU.

Local authorities across the regionhave unanimously voted to leave the EU. Overall in the West Midlands 1,755,687 people voted for Leave while 1,207,175 voted Remain.

Expectation prior to the Referedum indicated that the Black Country would vote Leave.

The final declaration for Dudley in the early hours of this morning, saw 56,780 (32.4%) for Remain and 118,446 (67.6%) Leave on a turnout of 71.7% of the voting public.

Mike Wood, MP for Dudley South, said: "We now have a great opportunity to build up new relationships and trading agreements around the world, free from the shackles of the EU. We can establish ourselves as a free and prosperous nation. It is now time to make sure we negotiate the very best deal to enable us to trade with the remaining members of the EU.”

Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North said “I thought there were strong arguments on both sides but it’s my job to represent people in Dudley whether they voted to leave or remain, and I’ll be working hard to listen to them and come up with fair and reasonable answers on the concerns we’ve heard during the campaign on issues like immigration and how we bring new investment, new industries and more jobs to areas like the Black Country.”
Margo James, MP for Stourbridge Remain campaigner said: “This is the single biggest disappointment since I started my career in politics.

“I think people underestimate the role the European Union has played in preventing conflict between formerly warring nation states. My father fought in the Second World War. I am very proud that my parents, between them, sacrificed nearly four of the best years of their life for the freedoms we enjoy today. As well as bringing peace and security the EU served as a beacon of hope to the millions of people trapped behind the iron curtain during the cold war. Britain played an important role in the process of enlargement that led to Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe joining the EU twelve years ago.

“Despite all its problems, which are manifold, the EU still carries a torch for freedom across the world. I think that Britain's place is within the EU, playing an active role in trying to resolve some of the threats which face us all. I am absolutely convinced that it is better to work with other countries on more than an ad hoc basis.

“There are wider obligations I believe we have as a country to our European neighbours.”

Meanwhile across the region - votes to leave the EU were resounding. Wolverhampton saw a whopping 62 per cent vote to leave - 73,798 compared to 44,138 remain votes.In Walsall, 68 per cent of the 135,685 voters in favour of leave.There were more than twice as many votes for leave in Sandwell as for remain - 98,250 to 49,004.

Perhaps the most surprising result of the night came in Birmingham, which was expected to vote remain - which actually voted for leave by a margin of just 3,000. Leave was backed by 226,251 voters and Remain by 223,451.


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