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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Thursday, 22 February 2024 - 1 hour 58 minutes

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, but what is the first step?

Daniel Priestley is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several successful businesses and written 5 books on starting and scaling businesses. He is the founder of Dent Global, an accelerator and venture studio, and the cofounder of ScoreApp, an AI powered marketing software.

In this conversation Daniel and Steven discuss topics such as, the entrepreneurs journey, struggling with mindset shifts when scaling a company, why passion is crucial for success in business, and how AI is changing the business landscape.

(00:00) Intro

(02:15) The Most Exciting Time Of History For Businesses

(04:22) Growing Small Businesses & Making Them Millions

(05:39) Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?

(06:20) How To Know If It's A Good Business Idea

(11:09) How Important Is Passion In Being A Successful Entrepreneur

(14:18) Don't Pursue Entrepreneurship For This Reason!

(22:42) How To Be A Visionary

(28:05) How To Be Great At Pitching Business Ideas

(35:46) The Magic Of 'With Or Without You' Energy

(41:17) The Steps To Know If It'll Be A Good Business

(49:43) Fear Of Failure

(52:34) Life Force Energy & Bringing Stories To Life

(57:59) The Importance Of Changing Environments Regularly

(01:02:59) Starting A Business/Personal Brand

(01:07:11) Soloentreneurship Doesn't Work

(01:09:55) How To Make Money

(01:16:01) Your Team Is Essential In Your Business

(01:18:41) How Do You Invest Your Money

(01:20:18) How To Build A Business From Scratch

(01:24:46) Should You Work For A Big Company Or A Start Up

(01:27:19) The Humility Of Accepting Others Are Better Than You

(01:30:01) What's A Management Buyout?

(01:36:33) How To Structure And How To Sale A Deal

(01:39:42) AI Will Revolutionize How Businesses Work!

(01:46:25) Work-Life Balance

(01:49:54) Last Guest Question

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