The Top 7 Belly Fat Burning Hacks For 2024 That Are PROVEN To Work!

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Tuesday, 26 December 2023 - 1 hour 19 minutes

As a holiday wrap-up, we’ve listened to you and answered one of the most popular questions; What is your favourite EVER episode?

But, we think the more important question is what is YOUR favourite episode on the Diary of CEO of all time. Using our in-house data scientist and a group of analysts, we’ve found the most replayed and shared moments from 2023. This should be the most valuable episode you will ever listen to.

7th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Giles Yeo.

Dr Giles takes on some of the biggest myths about health, weight and obesity.

His books, Why Calories Don’t Count and Gene Eating:



6th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Mindy Pelz.

In this clip we talk about intermittent fasting, the gut reset fast and the belly fat burning diet. Dr Mindy lays out how to eat and behave to improve our overall health.


Dr Mindy’s book, Fast Like A Girl:

5th Most Replayed Moment, Professor Matthew Walker.

This is from my conversation with the Worlds Number One expert on sleep. He gives us a roadmap for how to sleep better, explaining the impact of our sleep on our overall health, happiness and everything in between.


Matt’s bestseller, Why We Sleep:


4th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Taken from Dr. Daniel Amen’s second appearance on the show, we discuss how to grow a healthier, better brain. Daniel is the World’s Leading Neuroscientist who may have scanned and seen more brains than anyone else.

The no.1 book on Brain health:



3rd Most Replayed Moment, Gary Brecka.

Gary Brecka is one of the world’s most renowned human biologists. Our conversation covers the ultimate human wellbeing checklist. From Dana White’s transformation using the super human protocol to stripping fat, listen to transform your life.



2nd Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Tim Spector.

A favourite guest on DOAC, here Tim busts myths about a frequently debated subject: diet vs exercise.

Foor For Life, Tim’s book:



No.1 Most Replayed Moment: Dr Tara Swart.

The most listened to moment ever this year is neuroscientist Dr. Tara explaining the brain and body’s connection. We dive into the influence the brain has on our health, relationships and well-being.

Dr Tara’s book:



Bonus Moment, Mo Gawdat:

This is from episode 101 with Mo Gawdat, and it’s the most shared episode we’ve ever had of all time on WhatsApp. Mo explains to me his influential equation for happiness, and we discuss how to put it into practice.

Mo’s book, Solve For Happy:


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