Station Policies

Black Country Radio is an OFCOM regulated station. As such there are a legal requirements placed on the station to broadcast, as well as operation as a community interest company (Waterfront Media CIC).  As a station we also have station-wide policies to ensure the smooth operation of the station.

Below are links to information for volunteers to download and read.  Note: there have been some changes due to our new home on internal policies - please check update for  Cable Plaza.

Overview for new Home at Cable Plaza - Resonance Protocols [Feb 21].

Copyright Policy [2018]
Dignity and Respect Policy [2018]
Equal Opportunities Policy [2018]
Health & Safety Policy [2018]
Privacy Policy [2018]
Safeguarding Policy [2020]

OFCOM - licencing and broadcast code:
Broadcasting Code Overview [2018]
OFCOM lIcence commitments (FM Broadcast) [2018]
OFCOM Broadcasting Code (FULL)  [2019]
Section 10 of the Broadcasting Code - Commercial Communications in Radio Broadcasting [2016]
The latest information on the Broadcasting Code is available here - some updates were undertaken in 2020.

We also have to publish a PUBLIC FILE on our website - which is available to view here.

Day to Day Operations:
On Air Station Policy [2018]
On Air Daytime Policy [2018]
Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy (external) [2018]
Problems Solving Policy (Internal Complaints) [2018]
Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy [2018]
Recruitment Policy [2018]
Volunteer Code of Conduct [2020]
Email & Internet Use Policy [2018]
Advertising and Income Policy [2018]
Social Media Policy [2018]
Expenses Policy  [2018]
External Events Policy [2018]
Leaving the Station / Inactive Membership Policy [2018]
Lone Working Policy [2018]
Marketing Policy [2018]
Music Policy [2018]
OBIT procedure [2018]
Outside Broadcast Policy [2018]
News & Editorial Policy [2020]


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