Long Lost Cat Discovered Living In The Past At Museum

Veterinary nurse, Rachel Wells, was shocked to find that the cat she thought had run away fourteen years ago had actually taken up residence at Dudley's Black Country Museum.

A recent trip to the vet blew the fraudulent feline’s cover when it was revealed that Snitch, who's previous name was Tiger, was once the much loved pet of Ms Wells, who works at White Cross Vets in Wolverhampton.

She spent months desperately searching for her pet but eventually gave up and resigned herself to having lost him forever. Meanwhile, Snitch had begun to seek a new life elsewhere, visiting the Black Country Living Museum on a regular basis. Roger Colbourne, who has been working at the Museum for 27 years, quickly took a shining to him and eventually the pair became inseparable. For over a decade, he has fed and cared for the feline who waited for him at the Museum gates every morning.

The cat’s cover was blown when a microchip scan revealed that he had once belonged to Rachel, who coincidentally lives just a few doors away from the museum. Roger said:

“I was astounded to learn about Tiger’s past. I have grown extremely close to him over the years and can’t imagine life without his companionship. I see him almost every day and the maintenance team all have a special bond with him – someone’s always fussing him or treating him.

"I lost my dog Rose over Christmas but seeing Tiger every day really helped me through that – he’s such an affectionate and loving cat. Still, we can’t help but feel duped – I thought someone had abandoned him when the truth was he had run away from a perfectly good home and loving owner.”

Rachel added: “Tiger was 18 months old when he went to play out 14 years ago but he never returned. I spent months putting up posters and trying to find him but it proved fruitless. Each time I moved house I always updated my contact details on his microchip, on the off chance he ever turned up.

“When he finally reappeared after all these years I couldn’t believe it and especially because he’s now living so close to me. It’s a huge relief to know that he’s safe, well and is being so well looked after by Roger and the Black Country Living Museum.”

Tiger’s chip will be renamed to Roger and he will remain at Black Country Living Museum where he’ll spend his days snoozing, meowing at Roger to be picked up and catching the odd mouse to earn his keep.


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