Priory Park’s Pokémon Go Could Be No More. 

The mobile phone game which has swept across the country in recent weeks is causing a bit of a stir at Dudley's Priory Park.

The historic grade II ruins at Priory Park in Dudley have become a bit of Pokémon Go hotspot in recent weeks with the area being designated as a Pokéstop- an area where players of the mobile phone game can collect and hunt for virtual creatures.

However collecting the creatures may become like the ruins, resigned to history, if local residents get their way. There have been a series of complaints to Dudley Council about irresponsible parking, increased litter, damage to the ruins and noise disturbance with people visiting the site in the early hours of the morning.  

The Council’s cabinet member for environmental Services, Councillor Hillary Bills, has said “We have been actively promoting the Pokémon Go game at all levels of the council after recognising the enormous potential to see more people visiting our towns, parks and other tourist attractions.

"However, under intense pressure from local residents and Priory Park user groups we have reluctantly asked Niantic to consider removing the Pokémon stops, which attract large groups of people in a single place.”

The Pokémon Go creators Niantic Inc, an American Software development company, will now have to decide whether to remove the stops from the ruins. In order to temporarily stem the problem the council has closed Gervase Drive to non-residents. 

Cllr Bills did stress however that there are "lots more opportunities" for Pokémon hunting across the borough at parks, libraries and town centres. 

A local Pokémon Go player, Shaun David Price believes the Pokéstop should remain at the ruins as it has created a new community of people within the area who have something in common. He said that with the creation of the Pokéstop at Priory Park the place now has “a warm, enjoyable atmosphere [and] by removing the stops they will remove this.”



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