REVIEW: Good Enough Mum's Club at Birmingham Hippodrome

First conceived back in 2013, The Good Enough Mum's Club is staging its world premiere in Birmingham this week - and as far as new musicals go, this is a shining light at the end of a very well-lit tunnel.

When the Council threatens to close their local playgroup, five women thrown together by motherhood, overcome their isolation, loneliness, judgment and perfectionism to discover that they’re stronger as a group than as individuals, and that sometimes, being good enough is best.

Written, produced, directed and performed by mothers, The Good Enough Mum's Club is more than a stag show. The concept run's deeper and it's expanded into a movement, a podcast and a support network for Mum's (and Dad's!) who need to know that being good enough is okay.

Playing in the Hippodrome's Patrick Theatre, a beautiful, intimate and versatile space, the dominant feature is the set. Whilst it's fair to say that new musicals can often lack the finances of their established counterparts, this production has benefitted from support and funding from a number of sources allowing them to build a stunning, angular scene on stage. The community centre is a functional space which lends itself well to the storyline - it's not over complicated, nor is it fussy and it frames some outstanding performances beautifully.

In fact, staging aside the performances and the music are the stand out features of the show. Emily Beecher's book and lyrics are a stunning representation of real life - something The Good Enough Mum's Club is proudly rooted in. This show is loud, sweary and brash, mixed with moments of sadness and reflection. If ever there was a show that took you on a rollercoaster of emotions...this is it!

All five of our mum's are outstanding and unique in their own way. Whether it be the local charm of the street-savvy Chantel (Jade Samuels, Doctors) or the vulnerability of Sophie (Amy Ross, Wicked), the sheer talent and tenacity of our leads was a masterclass in the genre. They took the audience on a journey and had such a scope of storyline that there wasn't a mum in the audience who couldn't relate to one of the ladies.

In fact, talking of variety, what really seals the deal for The Good Enough Mum's Club is the music. From songs like Good Enough and Only My Nose Is The Same to the opening of act two, WTF Is Wrong With Kid's TV, these songs have heart, gravitas and an outstanding way with words. Credit to Verity Quade and Chris Passey for their work.

We have a fantastic pedigree for new musical theatre in this country, something Birmingham Hippodrome is championing with their own new team, and the selection on offer is formidable. But for me, The Good Enough Mum's Club is one of the very best. It ticks every box the audience wanted this evening and has its own backstory of determination and self-belief that mimics its themes on stage perfectly.

This show deserves to be on a bigger stage with an audience of thousands - and here's hoping that happens soon.

The Good Enough Mum's Club plays at Birmingham Hippodrome until 28th October. For more information, visit

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